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A little about me

I am a passionate Algorithmist and I am ranked within top 50 Indian competitive programmers on various programming platforms like Hackerrank and Codeforces. I have previously interned at the technology giant, Amazon, as a software developer and at the investment bank, Morgan Stanley, as a technology analyst. I have also interned at IIT-Bombay early on in my academic life.

I am currently a software developer at Amazon India. I also work as a technical coach at Interview Kickstart.

I do amazing things when I am free

Competitive Programming

I have been a competitive programmer for a very long time. I also lead the programming club at my undergraduate institute, DA-IICT. This hobby comes from my extreme interest in data-structures and algorithms.

Quora Blogging

I have been actively writing and reading answers in Quora since a couple of few years now. I have close to half million views on my answers.

Travel and teach

I like sharing knowledge and have been off late able to conduct sessions internationally where I teach data structure and algorithms. Travelling around is wish soon coming to reality!

Technology Analyst Intern at Morgan Stanley

I work in Financial Crimes Technology, under the Sanctions Screening in Legal and Compliance Technology.
I am working on creating microservices with spring in Java.
I have also worked on batch processes in spring as a part of this internship.

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Software Development Intern at Amazon India

Created a console to debug Financial Events and Financial Event Groups coming from upstream services at Amazon. Could complete writing the service from scratch to production in two months.
Developed a service with two backend operation and one front end page using Google Guice, Spring and Coral. Followed ACBDA and Spring MVC design pattern and attained 100% test coverage for over 4000 lines of code. Also created security authentication with LDAP for the service as our service was dealing with highly confidential data.

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Research Intern at IIT-Bombay

My project with the Scilab team at FOSSEE was to develop functions for the optimization toolbox. These functions were using libraries based on Mixed Integer Linear Programming and Mixed Integer Nonlinear Programming.

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